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Ceramic Tile Floor Kitchen. Chelsea Flooring Company.

Ceramic Tile Floor Kitchen

ceramic tile floor kitchen

    ceramic tile
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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

The kitchen cupboards have been ordered, and we're going to look at granite for counter tops. T's planning to tear out the old kitchen/dining floor tile later this week. Went to look at flooring yesterday: probably going with slate this time! This one is ceramic, but looks much like slate. We've had ceramic tile for years, and it's held up well, but our neighbor (the Floor Guy) says slate will hold up even better!

tile 5

tile 5

1 AM and I'm showered and the tile are sucking tight to the floor. Grout to follow later in the week. Looks like I'm eating out, or cooking my meals on my exhaust manifolds.

ceramic tile floor kitchen

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ceramic tile floor kitchen

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