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Moroccan Floor Cushions

moroccan floor cushions

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moroccan floor cushions - [Sirotan -

[Sirotan - Ladybug Blue] Blanket Pillow Cushion / Travel Pillow Blanket (39.4 by 59.1 inches)

[Sirotan - Ladybug Blue] Blanket Pillow Cushion / Travel Pillow Blanket (39.4 by 59.1 inches)

The Coral Fleece Throw Blanket Pillow Cushion / Travel Pillow Blanket measures 39.4 by 59.1 inches for blanket/quilt. The shell is embellished with details of embroidery and applique. Use it as a cushion while folded and zippered, and as a blanket/quilt while opened. Zipper on side, that is where the blanket/quilt can be stored. Whether you are adding the final touch to your bedroom or rec-room, these patterns will add a little whimsy to your decor. Machine wash and tumble dry for easy care. Will look and feel as good as new after multiple washings! This blanket adds a decorative touch to your decor at an exceptional value. Comfort, warmth and stylish designs. This throw blanket will make a fun additional to any room and are beautiful draped over a sofa, chair, bottom of your bed and handy to grab and snuggle up in when there is a chill in the air. They are the perfect gift for any occasion! Available in a choice of whimsical kid-friendly prints to spark the imagination, the blanket is durable enough to look great on the go.

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liza bruce's marrakesh home
photos by: simon upton
elle decor, march 2011

what a gorgeous balance of earth tones and brights, patterns and textures. and the motif of the 8-point star is repeated everywhere in this house: the tables, the sconces, the windows, the lattices, the daybeds, the floors, the cushions, the pools, the knobs and the door handles. even the fireplace!

Living room

Living room

White living room glass wall floor to ceiling windows low Bedouin style dark red sofa assorted eclectic cushions rugs and floor cushions sphere ceiling lamp shade L etc 08/2009 pub orig

moroccan floor cushions

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